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Months after the COVID vaccine became readily available to most Americans, the country has just reached the milestone of at least 70% of eligible Americans having received at least one shot. But with the growth of the delta variant, President Biden and other federal policymakers are looking nervously at case data, fearing another resurgence of COVID.

The unvaccinated are getting the blame from the experts at the CDC, and there has been discussion of a federal vaccination mandate. However, some states have already returned to mask mandates, and New York City has mandated that all restaurants and gyms must require patrons to show proof of COVID vaccination before they can enter.

The pressure to vaccinate has been ramping up, and as persuasion and incentives have not gotten more people to roll up their sleeves and get injected, the government may very well decide to resort to force. In this case, it could make the unvaccinated class of unclean people expelled from polite society.

Anyone familiar with China's social credit system could envision how something like this might work. First, all citizens would be required to maintain their vaccination history in an electronic record, very likely a smartphone app. Furthermore, failure to show proof of vaccination would exclude people from everyday life.

It may start with restaurants and gyms today, but eventually, it could spread. Pretty soon, you may not be able to put your children in school unless you (and they) are vaccinated. You might not be able to access public transportation, enter government buildings, or other public facilities. Furthermore, eventually, you might not be able to access financial services such as banking or investing unless you can prove your vaccine compliance.

Are We Becoming a Papers Please Society?

If you think that kind of scenario is far-fetched, look at what China has done with its social credit system. Citizens whose scores are too low are essentially frozen out of daily life, unable to do or buy anything. It is a way to ostracize the undesirables and slowly kill them off without having to do the dirty work of executing them. Furthermore, the victim gets all the blame for it, not the government.

Two years ago, adopting that type of system in the United States would have seemed absurd. Nevertheless, US states tripped all over themselves implementing Chinese-style lockdowns, much to the dismay of the millions of Americans who found themselves out of work during those lockdowns. If politicians were only too willing to enact lockdowns, knowing how destructive and harmful they would be, why wouldn't they try to enact some vaccine passport system?

The real possibility of such a system being implemented in this country seems to be growing by the day. Furthermore, the goalposts keep moving from 70% vaccine compliance and now to 90% compliance. Even if that goal were to be achieved, COVID would likely still be with us, and the goalposts would be moved even more, maybe to 95% or 99%. The reality is that COVID has provided global elites, those who advocate for the Great Reset, the best possibility they have ever had to enact their goals, and they are not going to give up easily.

Just imagine trying to access the money in your bank account and being denied until you demonstrate proof of vaccination. Alternatively, imagine wanting to open up an investment account and similarly being denied until you have shown your vaccine passport.

Financial services firms such as banks and payment providers have already been at the vanguard of cooperating with the government to shut down undesirable activities. Just look at how many gun dealers and firearms manufacturers had their bank accounts or credit card processing shut down because the firms they contracted with decided they wanted to cooperate with the Obama administration in choking off perfectly legal activity that the government wanted to eradicate.

Are Your Financial Accounts Safe?

When it comes down to it, financial institutions value their relationship with the government and its monetary lifelines more than they value their relationship with you, the customer. Furthermore, they would have no qualms whatsoever about cutting you off from your money if the government urged them to do so.

The writing is on the wall, as we are rapidly approaching becoming the type of society that comes straight out of George Orwell's 1984. Australia has demonstrated what that looks like, with some of the most draconian lockdown restrictions of any Western country. Supermarkets are now required to hire security guards to check QR codes on customers' phones to ensure that only vaccinated people enter.

The pressure on private businesses to cut ties to the unvaccinated will only increase in the future. So, if you have not gotten the COVID vaccine and do not plan to, or if you cannot prove you have been vaccinated, or you do not have a smartphone so you cannot install whatever app the government wants you to have, your life could get a whole lot more complicated.

As with many other government actions, it may start with the unvaccinated, but it may eventually spread. Did you not get your quarterly COVID booster shot? You are now one of the unclean. It is a very slippery slope on which we are treading.

Protect Yourself Against What is Coming

All this is to say that if you value your future, particularly your financial future, you should probably look into ways to keep your assets safe if you suddenly and unexpectedly lose access to the financial system. Black swan events like that may not be commonplace, but they can be devastating if and when they happen.

That is why so many investors have turned to gold to help protect themselves. Many have taken advantage of financial vehicles such as a gold IRA to invest in gold. A gold IRA allows you to invest in physical gold coins or bars while still enjoying the same tax advantages as a conventional IRA. And you can rollover or transfer assets from your existing retirement accounts such as an IRA, 401(k), TSP, or similar account into a gold IRA tax-free.

When it comes time to take a distribution from your gold IRA, you can take that distribution in gold or cash. Nevertheless, sometimes, that wait to get your gold is not quick enough. If you fall into that camp, you might want to look into direct purchases of gold coins.

With the price of gold today, $50,000 in gold coins could fit into a role you can hold in the palm of your hand. Fill each hand, and you have $100,000 in gold. That is a powerful reminder of the value of such a physically small amount of metal. Furthermore, a powerful reminder that you can keep your wealth even if your access to the financial system is cut off.

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