Buying Precious Metals
How can I receive more information from GoldPro?

There are several ways to contact GoldPro and we are always happy to help:

Call a GoldPRO Account Executive at 855-423-4653 Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm (Central), excluding major holidays.

Email GoldPro at Info@GoldPro.com or Call Us at 855-423-4653

Request a GoldPro Investor Kit for information at Info@Goldpro.com and learn how physical gold and silver diversify your portfolio.

How does GoldPro compare to its competitors?

GoldPro has been serving clients worldwide, selling and buying millions of dollars worth of metals consistently, safely delivering more than $800M in precious metals. We acquired the Five Star rating from the independent rating service Trustpilot. Our customer reviews speak for themselves.

What are the definitions of some commonly used precious metals terms?

ASK: the asking price is the price at which GoldPro sells precious metals to clients.

BID: the bid price represents the price that GoldPro pays to purchase coins and other precious metals and may include a premium added to the product due to factors such as supply and demand.

BULLION: platinum, gold, or silver in the form of bars, coins, or ingots.

BUY-BACK PRICE: the buy-back price is the price Goldpro pays to purchase coins and other precious metals from its clients and members of the general public.

MELT VALUE: the value of a coin or bar's precious metal content. The Melt Value is calculated by the amount of the precious metal multiplied by the metal's spot price. For example, if a coin contains one ounce of gold, and the spot price is $1,500 per ounce, its melt value is $1,500.

OBVERSE: the front or "heads" side of a coin.

REVERSE: the back or "tails" side of a coin.

SPREAD: the difference between a coin or bar's ask (selling) price and its bid (buyback) price. For example, if a coin's asking price is $1,000 and its bid price is $780, the spread is $220 or 22 percent. The spread is different from the markup you can calculate by subtracting the bid price from the asking price and dividing that number by the bid price.

SPOT PRICE: the price paid for a precious metal-based upon immediate delivery. Spot prices have an ask and bid price.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

Our refund policies vary from state to state. However, all clients are provided with a minimum refund period of seven days on their first purchase of numismatic items; however, bullion products are not able to be refunded due to individuals who play the market, but we will make sure that if you’re not satisfied to replace the coins at no cost. There is a 15% restocking fee on numismatic Items.

Am I buying physical precious metals or a certificate?

You are acquiring physical gold, Silver, Platinum, or Palladium coins and bars that will be delivered to you or stored at an independent secure depository. Storage is not available in all states.

When will I receive my order?

GoldPro will deliver your precious metals to your account address as soon as practicable following receipt of good funds associated with your purchase. In all circumstances, within 28 business days once any or all funds are deposited into our account and the hold is cleared , unless your state requires a shorter delivery period.

Can I store my precious metals if I don't want to take physical possession?

Yes, storing precious metals through GoldPro at an independent depository is available for most clients. Some states require clients to take delivery of their precious metals. Your Account Executive can provide additional information on whether third-party storage is available for your acquisitions.

Can I lock in the price now and decide later if I want to buy it?

You are entering into a binding purchase when your order is confirmed.

Selling Gold and Silver
Will you purchase precious metals that I bought from another company?

GoldPro welcomes the opportunity to consider acquiring precious metals purchased from other companies. There are a variety of factors GoldPro considers in determining whether to purchase these precious metals, including condition and current demand. Please note, GoldPro generally offers lower prices for precious metals that were not originally acquired from Goldpro.

Is there a charge when I sell my precious metals?

There are no additional fees associated with your liquidation from products purchased from GoldPro, LLC.

Will GoldPro buy back my precious metals?

Although dealers are prohibited from guaranteeing a buyback, GoldPro has historically repurchased the precious metals it sells and intends to do so in the future.

Acquiring Physical Precious Metals
Are precious metals a low-risk investment?

All investments have risks, including precious metals. Markets go up and down, and any investment can lose money, However Metals have been the longest store of value and we believe that History will continue to repeat itself.  Make sure to ask our representatives to explain the risks involved and conduct your own due diligence.

How much of my overall investment portfolio should be in precious metals?

GoldPro believes no more than 5-20 percent of your investment portfolio should include precious metals-in normal scenarios. Other individuals and institutions may recommend different percentages. It would be best if you chose what is right for you based upon individual circumstances.

How long should I plan on holding my precious metals?

We believe precious metals should be considered a long-term investment. While market conditions may dictate longer or shorter holding periods, we believe precious metals should be held for a minimum of 3-5 years, preferably 5-10 years.

Can I hold physical precious metals in an IRA?

Yes. Many GoldPro clients choose to include precious metals as part of their retirement planning. Several types of precious metals may be held in your Individual Retirement Accounts(IRA). It is easy to acquire precious metals for your IRA, and we have years of experience with doing such.

How much will gold, silver, and other precious metals go up?

No one can say with certainty whether precious metals will go up or down. GoldPro provides various free information regarding the precious metals markets, including historical and real-time price charts and industry news.