GoldPro Believes Transparency Means Everything!

   Gold Pro, LLC is a family-owned company that has been helping people buy and sell precious metals. We live by our name, which is known nationwide for honesty and integrity. We started GoldPro, LLC, with a passion for rekindling the flame that We as Americans have always had towards our past, Present, and Future. We wanted to make our history not seem so gloomy like the Main Stream Media would cause some to believe, yet a rich and fascinating story that We are. Several of us came from a financial background, so it was the perfect mixture of helping others become financially conservative while spreading some of the most intriguing American Coins ever Minted. We strive to stay close to the moral principles that have helped get us to where we're at, and we've adapted our business model to bring in all the new technologies while still keeping it simple. We care about every one of our customers, and we realize that for you to chose us is an honor. We're committed to reassuring you that our passion comes across every aspect of our business. In an industry where people come and go, our longevity is a testament to our extraordinary commitment to treating our clients as our most valuable asset. As part of that commitment, we provide you with straight talk, answers, and information. We are continually working on standing out, earn your business, and exceed your expectations in every aspect of the company.

Our Golden Standard!

   Hard work Works. We've dedicated an accumulation of over 50 years to precious metals collectively. We have sold everything from the 1776 Continental Dollars, 1795 $5 and $10 Gold pieces in PL 65, we hold the top type 2 $20 Liberty awards for eight consecutive years, and many more prestigious awards. Speaking with one of our account specialists before you invest will reassure you that you understand the market at hand in depth. We want you to fully understand the precious metals market from the front-end premiums, back-end premiums, and everything in between. Unlike most of the other dealers out there, we want you to be educated.  We can also advise you on IRAs, inheritance, storage, diversification, and other factors affecting the metals markets.

Our team delivers:

24/7 Support chat

Award-Winning education

Friendships that last for years

We know your success is our success

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Knowledgeable Account Reps that aren't commission-based, so they lookout for you and your family's best interest instead of trying to make a more extensive commission check.