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    GoldPro started as just a small family-owned company helping people buy and sell precious metals. Today we have seventeen exceptional individuals that make every day a blessing. We haven't lost the slight small-town feel; however, we consistently ship tens of millions of dollars of metals around the country. We live by our name, which is known nationwide for honesty and integrity.

Being in an industry where people come and go, our Passion and Grit are a testament to our extraordinary commitment to treating our clients as our most valuable asset. As part of that commitment, we provide you with straight talk, answers that you can understand, and technical information catered to your needs. We are continually working on standing out, earning your business, and exceed your expectations so that we not only help you but your family and friends as well.

The Golden Way!

    Our Passion and Work Ethic gives us unparalleled expertise in helping investors build substantial portfolios. We take the time necessary to genuinely understand your investment objectives, investment time frame, and risk appetite before recommending products we believe would best suit your needs. Speaking with one of our advisors before you invest can dramatically improve your purchasing power and help you avoid paying too much for too little. We can advise you on IRAs, inheritance, storage, diversification, and other factors affecting the metals markets.

Why Us

Specialized Research

With a team of numismatists helping select every coin that we pick up while rejecting a significant amount of coins offered to us due to them not meeting our standards, We demand our coins are of the best quality. Rather, you are trying to build a particular coin or set; GoldPro is the place to help find you what you want at a price you want. With our staff literally picking every coin we sell, only picking the best-looking coins available graded by PCGS or NGC, You're sure to get the best coins on the open market. We've won multiple categories by both grading services for having the top registered sets in multiple categories. Anyone can use another fly-by-night coin company; we highly recommend buying your gold from a pro, Use GoldProPro.

Safety and Security

We believe that privacy is everything.GoldPro is committed to making sure everything from your personal information, what you bought, and anything else that may compromise your privacy is completely safeguarded in many forms. When it comes to shipping, We ship all packages registered and insured to ensure it arrives safely and timely. We will make sure to call, text, and email once we have a tracking number so that we can make sure you're ready when the package arrives. Not only are our prices competitive, but the majority of the time, we're much lower on the front end and pay more on the backend. We know that the better our clients do, the better that we do as a team.


We offer a buyback program to give you comfort, knowing you not only have a place to purchase your coins but you also have a place to sell them to. We don't want to sell you some precious metals and then send you on your way. Protecting your wealth and loved ones is a very intimate and serious matter, and here at GoldPro, we treat it as such. We may call from time to time when we think you may liquidate due to market conditions or double down to cost average yourself down if the case arises. We are constantly looking over our client's portfolios to make sure we're not giving just suggestions, rather the Right suggestions for you and your family.


We are here for our clients through thick and thin. The majority of our clients never use another company again. We understand that relationships stand tall upon trust, and that's exactly why we're regarded as " The Trusted Name in Precious Metals." We conduct business in a way that my graduate business professor used to repeat," The bond you create with people is going to take you much further with them than your products ever will."

8 Pillars of Focus

In Southeast Texas, we understand that a house not built on a strong foundation doesn’t stay standing for very long. Our team has not only laid the groundwork for a remarkable all-around experience but designated eight pillars where we focus on being the absolute best.